This is a song about a whale

Someone in my family—who shall not be named—complained to me that I write about music all the time and never post anything that I do/sing/play/write. There are at least two reasons for that. One, I haven’t really recorded anything that I think is good enough quality to share. Two, I am not brave enough for that kind of thing. Well bro, today you get your wish.

On Saturday Jonas, Lucas and I formed a semi-professional wedding band and played for the ceremony of our dear friends Rob and Lize. We are getting so good at weddings, you guys. You should hire us. Kidding! I think the boys are kind of wedding’d out right now. Lucas has played for at least 18 of them this summer. Approximately.

It was one of the most musical weddings I’ve ever been involved in. We played 7.5 songs, and even managed to make I Want You Around by the Ramones sound cute. My favorite part of the whole day was getting to sing Real Love a la Regina Spektor while some of my most favorite girls in the world walked down the aisle.

It’s an amazing blessing to get to make music with your friends for your friends.

I did a sneaky thing and recorded these two songs with my phone during our sound check on Saturday. I thought I’d post them because they are pretty; not too bad for phone recordings, and I knew my Mom would want to hear them. Please keep in mind that this is practice and they are not up to Professional Recording Artist standards, ok Mom?

This is a cover of a song by a band from Vancouver called THE LEFT. Yes, in all caps.

Life Lesson: after we ran through this, Jonas insisted that I had played a wrong chord before the chorus. I vehemently denied it. Never deny you’ve made a mistake when there is a digital record to go back to. Busted!


This is an old song from the 60s by a band called The Troggs (?). Yo La Tengo also covered it.

The End. There will probably be more wedding photos in the Top Ten tomorrow. Just warning you.

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  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Woot! Thanks Sis. Sounds awesome!

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