I miss you blog. I still don’t have time for you, but I miss you. Here are some “samplings” of life lately. Note: I shamelessly stole this idea from the Snippets column by Annie , who is awesome and also a busy blogger. I’m going to call mine samplings though because I like the musical connotations.

  • I got to a hipster church for reals yo. We have keep cups. And an app. Major props to Aaron who does most of the branding and media for Westside. Everything always looks so pretty.

    Not pictured: mason jars for cream and milk.

  • In what world would I want to add all my Facebook friends to my contacts list on my phone!?!? iO6 you are totally wack.
  • The Edmonton arena debacle has reached unprecedented heights. There are no innocent players in this drama. It is so typical of Edmonton and trying to get anything done. Vancouver is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least city governance here makes a decision and moves forward with it, for better or worse. The Katz trip to Seattle yesterday was a PR disaster, a scare tactic that everyone in the world saw through…except all my Canucks fan friends. Here’s the thing. I know that I am going to get ragged on as an Oilers fan living in Vancouver. I get it, and I can deal. But don’t just send me an article about the Oilers moving to Seattle (never, ever, ever gonna happen) and then say “haha it’s because Edmonton sucks”. Bug me about how Etown is full of rich people who don’t want their tax dollars to go to anything they think is “just for entertainment”. Bug me about how the City and Katz are waged in a PR war and everyone from the main stream media to idiots with twitter accounts are pawns in their game . Poke fun at how Edmonton doesn’t seem to understand how downtown business development works. Do your flipping research, people. I am more insulted that you can’t come up with more intelligent insults.
  • I watched the most terrible movie on the weekend. I wanted to warn you about it in case you were even thinking about watching it. It was This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Captain Kirk and Bane. Since Reese Witherspoon was in it I thought it’d be kind of a cheesy rom-com— you know, like Sweet Home Alabama. The basic premise is that Kirk/Bane are two super spies who fall in love with the same girl and then use all their CIA resources to try and win her over. Bane was the charming-perfect-british-dude and Capt. Kirk played the same character he always plays: arrogant-womanizing-douche. And in the end she picked Capt Kirk. I’m sorry, but in what world do you pick Chris Pine over TOM HARDY? The other thing that really bothered me about it was Reese Witherspoon met Capt Kirk in a video store. Video stores don’t even EXIST anymore. I would very much like that hour and forty five minutes of my life back.
  • J.K. Rowling’s new book (for adults!), The Casual Vacancy comes out this week. I want to read it! I think it’s brave of her to keep writing and not use a pseudonym. How do you follow up a book as beloved as Harry Potter? And I mean really, she could never write again and still have an amazing legacy (and billions of dollars). JZ and I had a lively discussion about J.K. Rowling versus Justin Timberlake. I argued that she is way braver than him because she’s willing to put out new material while he keeps trying to make us take him seriously as an actor (HA!) instead of following up Futuresex/Lovesounds. JZ said it’s a totally different scenario because JT is up against a record company who wants to make him into something he’s not. I’m not convinced. Thoughts?
  • Y’all are going to watch The Mindy Project tonight right? Mindy Kaling AND BILL HADER. I mean, really. And I am so so so excited that new girl is back.

Hmm. These samplings turned out a little rant-y, sorry about that. Life is good. New roomies are good. Community Group is good. Songwriting class is amazing. This girl is blessed, fuh reals.

3 Replies to “Samplings!”

  1. Just got the app and totally getting one of those keep it mugs when we come to visit. Also thanks for the warning I think I was contemplating watching that movie one time. Ps all my friends who don’t know about hockey are also annoying me here “whaaaat the team is moving?!” No. In no world will the team allow one of their most profitable markets up and jump ship. Katz is not the only one with a say in where the team goes. That’s actually why we still have a team today.

  2. I’m dissapointed that you chose to reference Bane over Shinzon of Remus!

    The terribleness of that movie is only amplified by the fact that both actors played lame clones of awesome Star Trek captains.

    Nerd, out.

  3. “In what world would I want to add all my Facebook friends to my contacts list on my phone!?!?”

    FO. REAL.

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