Married Life

I’ll be some of you saw that headline and got really excited for me for a second. Married Life is what I have been listening to all day today. I know it’s supposed to tell the life and love story of Carl and Ellie in Up, but this feels like fall to me. Don’t you think it sounds like swirling wind and falling leaves? Nerdy observation: I love the orchestration in this piece. There are so few scores that can stand on their own as a piece of music without relying on the film to tell the whole story.

Fall TV is so great. I especially love the thirteen episode shows like Dexter, Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy because you have to wait from January until September for new episodes. That’s nine whole months of what’s-gonna-happen anticipation. Since I know at least one of you cares (Ariana), here are my thoughts on the television season thus far, without giving away any major plot points or spoilers:

  • New Girl is still so hilarious. I am 100% in love with Nick and all his crankiness. Winston made me laugh out loud for the first time this week with his fruity drinks.
  • The Mindy Project was just ok. I laughed pretty hard a few times (specifically when she was riding her bike and a car almost hit her and she yelled, ”RACIST!”) but I wasn’t in love right away. I will keep watching for a few weeks because I really want to like this show.
  • Sons of Anarchy. Whhhhhy do I not have more friends watching this show as it airs? I need someone to discuss my feelings with. This past week’s episode was so intense and emotional I almost couldn’t handle it. I cried, hard and I never cry over television. (Just real life).
  • Hart of Dixie premieres tonight! I can’t wait to see what kind of pants Lavon will be modeling this season.

My television viewing preferences seem to skew either to the super girly comedy shows or intense crime-centred dramas. I am a study in contrasts.

My whole family is coming to Vancouver for Thanksgiving. I am so excited. Miller time. I will have to cook a turkey dinner for the first time in history though, will let you know how it goes.

Things unseen. A film about faith:

We are only one month away from my least favorite month of the year.

And finally, the most important news…

Me and Tiff are starting a chick cover band! Seriously. It will be for one night only (details to come) unless we are really super successful and decide to go on a world tour. Now accepting set list/band name suggestions. Please comment your song ideas below.

4 Replies to “Married Life”

  1. The Up soundtrack is my alarm clock ringtone right now. It’s truly pleasant.

    We don’t get FX, so that’s why we don’t watch SOA as it airs. Also we’re still a season behind, heh.

  2. Ah! New Girl is so fantastic. I walked by her apartment building on my way to lunch today and desperately wanted to scream out “Jesssss!” but held back.

  3. I am so pumped to come visit. That clip from up makes me tear up every time. You guys should call yourselves Nacho Average Band. I was inspired by the photo.

  4. Ya chick band! Anything by Biebs or Katy Perry will be greatly appreciated….just saying….;)

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