I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok.

Remember how at the beginning of fall I was all, “I need to make sure that I don’t over-commit myself or I will be ready to jump off a bridge by October!” ahem. Right. In the past five days I have:

  • driven out to the armpit of Surrey to pick up a new bed
  • attended a concert on a SCHOOL NIGHT
  • Hosted a housewarming party, attended by 50 people
  • Finally dealt with my broken car window
  • Attended a birthday party
  • Played in the worship band on Sunday
  • Went to songwriting class with only 1/2 of my homework done, despite being chastised last time for slacking

Not included on this list, but coming up this week: rehearsing with Tiff for our gig on November 3rd, keeping up with bible study and leading community group.

My life is so full you guys. Full of good and joyful things with people I love. I just need to be a tiny bit better at guarding my down time. Until further notice I will not be hosting any more parties ok?

Speaking of parties. By all accounts, Lumberjack (Hipster) Housewarming was a resounding success. There were nearly 50 people crammed into my kitchen and living room at one point, all of whom were wearing plaid except Nick who came dressed in a safety vest and brought his own chain saw. Natch.

The guy to girl ratio was seriously skewed towards dudes. I don’t know if it was because a lot of the girls were working/busy/out of town or if we really do have that many dude friends. It meant that there were a lot of empty beer bottles at the end of the night and I came away with about 8 different opinions about how to fix the (literally) hanging shelves in the hallway.

It was so good to have everyone over and christen the place as our home. It was such a fun night. I know 50 people in an apartment living room/kitchen seems like it would be a disaster but people were so respectful and awesome. We didn’t even have any complaints or problems with the neighbors for being too loud (despite the chain saw). I know I say it a lot but I feel really blessed to be a part of such a rad community of friends who are so joyful and loving.

And as my roommate and I were recovering reminiscing last night over a glass of leftover red wine, she said “I never want to throw that big of a party again.” Amen, sister.

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  1. What’s wrong with the shelves? Are they falling out of the wall? THAT WALL CAN’T HOLD ANYTHING. I think it’s made of paper. I tried to hang coat hooks there, forget it, next thing I know we’re mudding and sanding and painting.

  2. Hey Sarah: Sure is a good thing you lightened your schedule of ‘unnecessary’ stuff so you could deal with real life, as it happens!

    Glad your housewarming went well, and hope there were no more break-ins. I think you’ve had enough!

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