It was in a dream

You guys this song is my jam right now.

Things I like about this video:

  • Her feather earrings
  • They managed to fit a guitar, bass, ukulele, modified drum kit, keyboard and multiple camera men into one tiny apartment kitchen
  • That guy in the striped cardigan looks uncomfortable. Too hot? Doesn’t like being on camera? Hates kitchen parties?
  • The lead singer is bouncing around with mucho gusto despite being in a confined space
  • The people who live here did not bother to put the dishes away before hosting a show
  • When the drummer starts playing the cupboard doors

What do you think, are y’all going to run out and get T.Swift’s new album from the record store? Confession: I have listened to We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together more times in the past two weeks than I care to admit to the whole internet. That song is Catchy. And I picture her singing it to Jake Gyllenhaal and it makes me giggle. Don’t tell Tiff she has already been getting on my back about all the teeny bopper music I listen to.

Other music news: the girl band is coming along. We have picked songs and practiced, this is major progress. Marc Ross even christened us with the name pAntherwAgon. It makes us sound way more hardcore than we actually are. 10 points to the first person to get that printed on a t shirt. What’s fun about this show is that all the musicians on the bill are from Westside. A Western Collective, if you will.

7 Replies to “It was in a dream”

  1. Cardigan guy is pretty sweet. I also liked the male vocalists facial expressions.

  2. Thing 1, that Taylor Swift song sounds exactly like Avril Lavigne to me. Whenever I hear it at the gym, I think it’s Avril Lavigne. Is it Avril Lavigne? I think it might be.

    Thing 2, what the heck is wrong with teeny bopper music? Teenagers have to make a living too!

  3. Thing 3, HA HA, “record store.”

    1. You always get my jokes.

  4. As a fan of Tswizzle (mainly because she’s an artist I grew up with and, as an extreme ‘girly girl’, identify with) you should certainly not think her whole new album is like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”…check out “I Almost Do” or the one she sings with Ed Sheeran.

    But, you know, I guess I still fall under the ‘teen-y-bopper’ category so perhaps my musical taste still needs refinement, haha. 😛

    On a side note, I really enjoy your blog Sarah 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Bella! I promise to check out the whole album. Don’t worry about refining your musical taste. When it comes to music you’ve got to just like what you like and own it!

  5. Love the Givers. I bought that song in April and it’s been at the top of my playlist ever since. The studio version is spectacular, but I hadn’t seen the kitchen video. 🙂 So fun!

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