Happy Birthday Douze!

Me and Douze have been friends for one million years (approx). From the time I was about 16 until I moved away at 22 we were very nearly inseparable. Even though we are “bipolar” opposites, we did everything together. She tricked me dragged me out to climb mountains with her, and I made her explore new cities and go to concerts with me. We’ve laughed and cried and prayed together. She became part of nearly all Miller family gatherings and even has her own Christmas stocking at my parent’s house.

I love the way she can find the funny in every situation. I miss her huge infectious laugh. I miss hearing her consistently misuse words or accidentally invent new catchphrases. And I really love the passion she has for the kids she teaches, and how she wants to see them learn and grow and become leaders.


And so today, on her birthday, Jer and I thought we would sing her a song. I’m fairly certain that I got so good at singing harmonies because the three of us would belt out N’Sync/Disney/Rent songs together any time we got into a car. I am eternally grateful.

So this one is for you Douze, Happy Birthday. We thought Amy Grant just seemed appropriate.

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday Douze!”

  1. Woooooooooo!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!

  2. My old roommate behind you!

  3. FUN. You guys sound amaaaaaaaazing.

    I can’t believe you needed lyrics.

    1. I know I’m so ashamed.

  4. Love you and Colleen both. My girls! Great to hear your voice.

  5. Oh, and Happy BD Coll!

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