Happy Valentimes!

Hey crew, Happy Valentines. If you are reading this little blog o’ mine then I probably love you.

You know who really loves you? Biebs. He loves you so much that he made you a playlist on Songza. Go check it. It has all the slow jams and Mariah Carey and MJ your pre-teen heart could possibly desire. Although, I really don’t know who decided that slow jams are the most romantic of all music. I actually think happy country music is the most romantic. Except for, ok. Do you know what the most romantic song of all time is?I Will by the Beatles. No Contest.

You know who else loves you? Dumbledore. Gandalf.

My brothers have been sending me these Valentines things all morning. I have laughed out loud at my phone at least 8 times and it’s only lunch time.

Also, this wallpaper is super cute.



Ok all kidding aside, I hope you have the Happiest of Valentine’s Days. Generally I make it a rule not to write about singleness or romantical things here because people talk about singleness on the internet WAY TOO MUCH. And also I’d like to keep that part of my life to myself and not share it with the whole wide web. But let me just say to all y’all that I love YOU. And your Mom probably loves you. And God definitely loves you and chose you (Don’t roll your eyes he totally did)! And I hope you take today and stop and be thankful for the love in your life, whether it is romantic or not. Also try and eat a pink donut if you can find one, those things are delicious.

6 Replies to “Happy Valentimes!”

  1. Oh Sarah Miller you’re such a good egg. Pink donuts sound delicious. I need to try one some time soon.

    I totally agree about the bemoaning singleness on the internet thing. Seriously, stop navel gazing, embrace the love you have and love other people. There is definitely someone around who is worse off than you. Loving other people is absolutely amazing and rewarding!! End of rant. (I use ‘you’ in the collective sense as opposed to ‘you’ as an individual.)

    1. I looooove you LC!

      (and I hear you sistah).

  2. I LOVE this post.

    And YOU, Sarah Miller.

    1. I Love You More!

  3. I luuuuuurve this and you! Totally tweet worthy material.

  4. Great post Sarah Miller! You’re pretty awesome.

    How about this for new music Monday:

    Jordan Klassen – putting Song of Songs to music.
    “Strengthen Me with Raisins”

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