Question, tell me what you think about me?

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl yesterday? I did go to a Super Bowl party, which was well attended by females. A couple of the guys sitting next to me on the couch were all, ”Why are there so many girls here?!” Um, because it’s the Super Bowl and there are DUDES and BEYONCE, duh! And chips. I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Now, I am not one of those girls who pretends to care about football. I made it very clear that I was only interested in the halftime show. However, I will totally own up to being the annoying girl trying to engage guys in meaningful conversation when they just wanted to watch sports. Sorry about that. (But not really).

Anyway, Beysus! She pretty much won the Super Bowl, didn’t she? Things I loved, point form:

  • The hair flipping.
  • That whole scat/guitar solo face off. I actually didn’t fully realize what was happening the first time I watched it because I was totally distracted by the SPARKS COMING OUT OF HER GUITAR.
  • She basically cloned herself.
  • Beysus Dancers

  • Can we talk about how she was wearing one million inch heels? And doing crazy dance moves? I think this is the real athleticism of the super bowl.
  • They basically shot Kelly and Michelle up from underneath the stage with cannons or something. In heels. I totally would have broken my ankle, fuh real.
  • Girly Destiny’s Child Scat Harmonies!
  • The four on the floor feel change for Halo!
  • All the things!


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  1. Sarah, I LOVE sports (won the props bets for the Super Bowl game- yep, even beat Matt!) and I also agree that B-Town won the Super Bowl. She is AMAZING. She’s so talented and did such a better job than Madonna last year- who would you want? Nikki Minaj/MIA as your backup singers? Or DESTINY’S CHILD singing “Single Ladies?” – no question it’s Beysus for reals. I loved everything about this post.

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