It’s a miracle, even if it’s in my head

Oh em gee, you guys. Thank goodness it’s Friday. I wasn’t sure I’d make it this week. It was busy, busy, busy at the work and included not one, but two 7am starts. Gross. Other than working and getting up early here are a few things that happened or have been rolling around in my brain this week:

Our Community Group basically won potlucks this Tuesday. Don’t even try to beat us, it’s impossible. We had a full on roast beef dinner, complete with potatoes and carrots and salads. And somebody wonderful made caramel apple crisp— the best dessert of all time. I made these Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and was pretty proud of how they turned out.



I painted my nails this colour.



The Oilers lost twice this week, bringing them back below .500 and dashing the hopes and dreams of Oiler fans everywhere. I’m not even that sad about it. Maybe I’m just so used to them losing? Maybe my tears are all dried up?


I really want to get this fake taxidermy buffalo head for our bathroom. I think he would go nicely with the 1970s deer painting we already have in there. A hunting theme! Maybe I can find a camouflage shower curtain. Kidding.


This Lent, I’ve given up Twitter and Instagram. Gasp! What? Not Facebook?! Truthfully, Facebook isn’t that much of a problem for me. I maybe check it three times a week. Maybe. Twitter and Instagram are a whole different story. They are my social media of choice. I tend to check them throughout the day, reaching for my phone whenever I’m bored or have a spare moment. And over the next fortyish days, I want to spend those spare moments preparing my heart for Easter. I want to focus on Jesus and all that he has done for me instead of what my friends are eating for lunch.


Have you guys heard of this imadeface app? You can make cartoon faces. Um, please get it. Here are Me, Tiffany and Em.


Ok, I was going to save this for the next music Monday but it’s just too good. You need to listen to Ghost Beach – Miracle today, and all weekend! I discovered these guys via a Songza playlist yesterday and have been bopping along to their album for the past two days (You can stream it on their website). Apparently they were just in Vancouver and played a show at the Biltmore on Valentine’s Day. Missed opportunity!

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  1. I basically always like the music you post. This is no exception.

  2. Dang, that’s such a great pic of me! we’re hot stuff

  3. Good lookin’ ladies. And Ghost Beach is awesome.

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