It’s always sunny in Vancouver

We have been having amazing weather this month. Hot and sunny with no sign of rain for days. And not the oppressive kind of hot where you can’t sleep at night. Just that comfortable, take-a-book-to-the-beach kind of weather. Vancouver is at its best like this. It’s where the (totally self absorbed) slogan, The Best Place on Earth comes from. In years past I would have been ready for rain right about now. But after experiencing the intensity of the sun and heat in Africa, this just feels pleasant and I don’t want it to end. Last weekend I went up the Sunshine Coast with a small group of friends and I could have stayed forever.

But small groups are all I can handle right now. And only with those good friends who don’t expect you to be on all the time. I feel like I have nothing to give anyone. I only want to be around people who don’t ask anything from me. My patience is thin and my attitude is terrible. I can’t depend on my emotions. Can you ever, really?

I’m thankful for this sun though. It’s a beautiful reminder that God is good when I’m not. That he loves people and has infinite patience for them when I don’t. That he shines light in the dark places.