It’s always sunny in Vancouver

We have been having amazing weather this month. Hot and sunny with no sign of rain for days. And not the oppressive kind of hot where you can’t sleep at night. Just that comfortable, take-a-book-to-the-beach kind of weather. Vancouver is at its best like this. It’s where the (totally self absorbed) slogan, The Best Place […]


You know how it goes, the first thing someone asks you: How are you doing? “Oh good! I’m good.” I say. And I am. I am good. I feel so much joy and anticipation about the changes I see in myself and people close to me. This is a season of newness! A time of […]


I don’t really have anything to say right now. In the last week, I’ve sat down and tried to write a few times. I have no thoughts. Or I have too many thoughts. But they don’t fit into any kind of organized system. Words, sentences, paragraphs? I am a word jumble. Africa. Work. Shots. Jesus. […]