Sunday Knit Football

Every time I disappear from here for a bit I feel the need to explain my absence. The truth is that my life has been extremely uninteresting and small for the past month. I’ve been hibernating. Mulling things over. Maybe even hiding a little? I have sat down to write a few times and come up with nothing but a few sentences that don’t really go together and an infinitely blinking cursor.

Two weekends ago I started knitting. I actually learned to knit last Christmas with my Mom and soon-to-be sister-in-law. Goodness, that is a lot hyphens and also the first time I have ever called her that. We learned knit stitch and how to cast on, went to the yarn store together and picked out some wool (mine was purple, of course). I was very into it for about a week and a half, until I came home and promptly forgot all about it.

Fast forward nearly one year and the weather has turned cold again and I have a new roommate who is into knitting in a big way. All of a sudden it is my favorite thing. Megs and I have a new Sunday afternoon ritual where we grab Noodle Box on the way home from church and then park ourselves on the couch for hours knitting and watching football. Wait, what? Ok, we aren’t exactly watching football, it’s on in the background and we glance at it from time to time in between knitting and chatting. It so relaxing and quiet (except for the crowd noise) and it’s been good for me. My next major life goal is to learn how to make a toque.

So for the three of you who have been wondering, that’s what I’ve been up to. Knitting and watching football. I hope everyone wants infinity scarves for Christmas.


ps Ugly Sweater is my new favorite beer. Try it, it’s delicious.

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  1. so glad you are knitting… good for the soul to work with your hands. My life verse these days is I Thess 4:10,11., paraphrased (by me) as:

    “Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, to work with your hands, and to mind your own business, so that you may win the respect of outsiders, and be dependent on no one.”

    It all fits me, and it sounds like it’s fitting for you right now too.

    Dad and I used to laugh way back in the old days when he had season tickets for the Oilers. There was a lady who sat behind us every game, knitting. She hardly ever looked up, but she was a real fan. Never missed a game, as far as we knew. So yarn and sports do go together, in my book.

    Love you much.

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