Another Story

You totally thought I forgot about doing these Happy Friday posts, didn’t you? Here are four things that made me happy this week, because it’s Thanksgiving and it’s good to focus on the good stuff and be thankful.


The Head and the Heart has a new album coming out next week and you can stream it before it’s released over at Sound Cloud. Whenever a band has an amazing debut album, I’m always a little wary that they won’t be able to duplicate the magic on their second album (see: Lauryn Hill, Mumford and Sons, etc). So far I’m digging it though.


There has been so much laughter and good girly chats in our house this week. My roommates are the best. Also, I got this text from one of them this afternoon. In case you were wondering what kinds of things girls talk about when they are alone.



I finally took my car in to get it serviced. The actual process of this was super annoying. Being a single girl taking your car into the shop you know that you are going to have to deal with one or both of the following things:

1) Mechanic gives you the doom and gloom story that your car is basically about to explode the next time you drive it and you need to fork over five grand to fix it OR

2) Mechanic explains everything to you in a very simplistic and patronizing way. You leave feeling like he probably should have patted you on the head as he sent you out the door.

Why is this on my happy list, you asK? Because I didn’t have to deal with #1 (which I mean really, I shouldn’t my car is new) and also #2 was only moderately bad. I did have to take it back to get the brakes re-adjusted. But whatever. I completed a task I had been procrastinating on for over a month. My engine service light is off now and I don’t have to take it in for a least six more months. That makes me happy.


We are having a Friendsgiving dinner at our house on Monday and I’m really excited to cook a turkey. I am also thankful for friends, a house that we can host people in for dinner, and the goodness of God who provides for my every need.