O’Leary came with the bagpipes, some music for to play

On Saturday, I trekked out to the valley to dance to Irish tunes in a barn. I jumped around and clapped on the off beats. I wore green pants. I sang along to The Night Pat Murphy Died at the top of my lungs, except for the third verse which I forgot the words to.  There was a live band at this barn party, along with every green food you could imagine and a ball of “Irish Mistletoe” in the corner. It was a grand ol’ Irish time. Except for the part where I had a glass of red wine instead of a pint of Guinness. For shame.


Confession: I am only about 12.5% Irish. I had one great grandma from the Emerald Isle and the rest of my family descended from the English Oppressors. Except for the parts of me that are French-Canadian and German. Ok so my heritage is all over the place. Whatever, I.AM.Canadian.  

In other St. Patrick’s Day news, Rend Collective released a new album today, The Art of Celebrating. They’re a band from Northern Ireland that consistently put out fun, joyful worship music.  Make a joyful noise and all that. I mean seriously, how fun is this music video?

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  1. It was Grandma Miller’s dad who was Irish she cleared that up recently. On Grandma’s information as a child she always had to fill in for ethnicity “Irish-Canadian” I can’t remember if her mother was also Irish or not but if she was that would make us 1/4 Irish.

  2. I usually just describe our heratige as a mosaic of European grudges and resentment. Ireland, England, France, and Germany the poster children of bad feels from the middle ages and world war 2

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