Book Club Update

A reading update, because if you can’t be accountable on the internet, where can you?

I finished (finally) The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I did enjoy this book, despite the fact that it took me nearly 6 months to get through it. I liked the quirky story telling and fantastical adventures. My only complaint is the narrative dragged out a little bit too long. The story could have easily wrapped up about 75% of the way through and it would have been perfect. Still worth reading though. Especially if you have a weird sense of humour.

I decided to read Lone Survivor next, because I borrowed it and don’t want to take 6 months with someone else’s book. I’m about halfway through and am a little surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying it—it may shock you to find out I don’t normally read a lot of books about Navy SEALs. It is very Rah-Rah-AMERICAH! and the perspective is a little one sided. But the story is compelling, and I do think it’s important to step out of your own worldview every now and then and read about things you wouldn’t normally.

I’m still working my way through the last two chapters of the John Piper book. There is a lot to chew on and I find myself having to put it down every few pages to think about what I’ve just read. Earlier this week I read through a section on scripture memorization that was super helpful. I have the worst memory, it’s terrible. Memorization is so hard for me but I’ve actually managed to memorize two verses this week using some of the methods he describes. Baby steps.

Last weekend I went for breakfast with Jodes (at Jethro’s Eastside, YUM) and she gave me yet another book to read. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont. She promised me I would laugh, and I am inclined to believe her because she always makes me laugh.

Are we keeping a tally? It’s March and so far I have finished one book. That I started last September. I also added another one to the to-read list. Things are going well, I think.

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  1. Go Sarah, Go!

    “Bird by Bird” is on my list too! I’ll have to ask Jodes if I can borrow it next 🙂

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