Again, with the bullet points.

• Roomie and I did a Mari Winsor Pilates video tonight and it very nearly killed me. Hopefully it gets easier as you go.

• The trip down to the States that was scheduled to take place last Saturday was postponed due to stomach flu food poisoning. Not mine. It has been rescheduled for this weekend.

• I have a lead on a new Roomie! Not going to say too much about it here in case it doesn’t pan out. Also I’m worried Ariana is going to steal her from me.

• Ariana needs a new Roommate for June 1st too so we’re totally in competition. Her place is way nicer. I suck at being competitive.

• I am going to bed with clean, fresh out of the dryer sheets. This is the nicest thing.

5 Replies to “Again, with the bullet points.”

  1. We think it was food poisoning. And it is not a competition. God will provide the right person for each of us, and both of us will get to be a provision for someone else. That is all.

  2. Oh, ok I will print a redaction.

    Also, I think you suggested competition first haha!

  3. Maybe one of your bullet points should read like this:

    Bullet point: Smoked Doogies with friends and then hung out with long lost creeper from jail light.

  4. Or…second hand smoked doogies with neighbors? You need to have your own blog to tell these stories Douze. OR, I could start one for you. “Story time with the Douze”. Has a nice ring to it.


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