All of my life/in every season/You are still God/I have a reason to sing

May is shaping up to be a little bit ridiculous for me schedule-wise. Don’t believe me?

And that’s just the stuff I have written down.

In the midst of all this I’m still looking for a permanent job and trying to get my roommate/living situation all sorted out. I know I write about it a lot, but I guess that’s just a reflection of how much it occupies my thoughts. In fact, I think I am most excited about getting it all sorted out so I can just stop thinking/talking about it. But the good part is that I think I am learning a little bit more what it means to trust God’s faithfulness. In the past few weeks I’ve gotten to lead Desert Song at Westside a couple of times and every time I sing that line, “My God is a God who provides” my heart does a little flip.

Anyway, it’s looking like the potential roommate I wrote about last time is not going to pan out. So I’m back to asking everyone I know and posting on Fbook and The City. This is the worst thing—sounding like a broken record and asking people for help. I hate asking people for help because I always feel like I’m inconveniencing them. At the same time I realize this doesn’t make a lot of sense because whenever someone asks me for help I love to give it. This probably has something to do with not liking to feel vulnerable or dependent on other people. Also, fear of commitment. See? Who needs therapy when you can just write about all your problems on the internet?

Besides the uncertainty over my whole entire future, things have been pretty great lately. This past weekend Ariana and I road-tripped down to Washington for some serious retail therapy. I managed to get pretty much everything on my list and then some. The highlights: a dress for Roomie’s wedding; a present for Little Levi’s first birthday (which I am so excited about but will not post pictures here yet in case Michelle reads); a pair of shorts; some new bras and most importantly shoes, shoes, shoes!

On Monday I had the day off because of a service agreement thing with my job. I’m still not sure I entirely understand it but I think that you’re not allowed to accept two contracts without a break in service so they had to give me the day off. Regardless it was kind of great to be off on a weekday. I finally managed a long overdue Costco run (we were down to one roll of toilet paper!) and then in the afternoon took an epic walk along the seawall and beach with Ariana, Natalie and Michelle. It was v. windy:

*Photos courtesy of Natalie’s new iPhone. I’m not jealous at all.

I’ve decided that I should probably find a job that will pay me for 5 days a week but actually only requires me to be at work for four days. It would be so good for my mental health.

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  1. Too funny about the blue sandals in the middle. When you were 20 months (yes, months) old, we went to Europe. I had exactly the same sandals in white for that trip. I loved them and had them for several years after. comfy, comfy, comfy.

  2. Clearly then, I should go to Europe and bring those sandals.

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