For the love I’d fallen on

Two songs today folks! Yesterday I got the chance to fill in on keys with one of the other worship bands. I love nearly everything about playing in a worship band (not the early mornings) but one of my favourite parts is hanging out with everyone backstage. The conversations that go on when you put a group of creative musician types in a room together are usually hilarious. And hard to keep up with. Yesterday, we had music sharing time in which we all gathered around someone’s phone to watch Youtube videos. And I was introduced to this song. San Cisco – Awkward

Note: when watching this video with Marc Ross his initial reaction was to roll his eyes and be like, “Ugh! Hipsters! I just cannot keep up with what’s cool anymore!” Look past it, you guys. Look past the formal shorts and super hiked up guitar strap and the retro hair swirl. This song is 100% catchy. Also, chick drummer!

It took me awhile to get into the latest, greatest Bon Iver album. For me it was not love at first listen. It always seems to take me awhile to warm up to my favourite albums and artists (see: National, The and Adams, Ryan) but once I love them I love them forever.

This is my most favourite song off of Bon Iver. I think it’s the tone of his guitar at the beginning that really kills me. I’ve listened to it a whole lot of times in the past week or so. This video was just released and I’ve got to be honest… I don’t think I really “get” it. But it sure is pretty.

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  1. Hey Sarah Miller!

    Great post. I love Music Monday! Both are great songs, and I have to agree: hanging out backstage is total fun. My favorite part was all of us trying to convince Jonas to wear skinny jeans. 🙂

    That Bon Iver song is so beautiful. Cool video too. Since it’s your fav, I recommend staying away from . Don’t want to ruin it for you. I find “Bonny Bear” so authentic and so many people relate to the honesty, heartache, and poignancy of his music. The only downside is that I find myself consistently disappointed by the loss / hopelessness / resignation of his lyrics. At the same time, I have so much respect for him musically. Passion, tenderness, vulnerability, quiet beauty. He is a rare genius in music today.

    1. Oh goodness I forgot about Jonas and the skinny jeans!

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