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Happy Not The Last Day of February! I have a cousin who was born on February 29th. She has only had 7 birthdays in her whole life. Can you imagine? Personally, I think since it’s not actually a real day we shouldn’t have to go to work. It should be an extra day to get things done. Like sleeping or catching up on your favorite tv shows.


I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I just discovered the CatPaint app. Holy cats, it is so funny. Natalie and I spent a good half hour experimenting with it last night and deliriously laughing until we were crying. Both of us were in that so-tired-that-everything-is-hysterical frame of mind which was great for us but super annoying to Ariana and Maddie who just wanted to watch How I Met Your Mother for goodness’ sakes. Worth every one of the ninety nine pennies I paid for it.


I have majorly dropped the ball on the February Photo a Day Challenge. So I lose, je s’pose. Or you lose because you don’t get to see the inside of my bathroom cabinet? Here is the last one I took, from February 23rd. New shoes and a new piano pedal.


Did you guys watch the Oscars? Tami, Michelle and I watched them Chez Gadd. Watching Levi dance around the living room every time the music played was more entertaining than the actual show. Ben fell asleep on the floor for most of it, and only woke up long enough to ask if The Artist was a movie about a mute guy. Of course, of all the best picture nominations I had only seen The Help and War Horse, so I wasn’t particularly invested. I used to love movies and watch so many of them. What happened to my life that I don’t have time for movies anymore? Where are my priorities!?


Did anyone pay attention to NHL Trade Deadline Day? I hope not because it was a snoozefest. The Oilers traded Tom Gilbert to Minnesota for Nick Schultz. I have no feelings about this whatsoever. I never hated Gilbert or called him a girl like some people. But he was certainly not my favourite by a long shot (eberle. hearts!). Time will tell how this all shakes out. The Oilers have been better the last few games but Exciting (Next-To) Last Place Hockey is still (Next-To) Last Place Hockey. It’s hard to keep getting excited about the draft. If an actual, real life person disappointed me as much as the Oilers have disappointed me in the past five years would I have given up on them a long time ago? An interesting philosophical question to ponder. Note: Probably not. I am fiercely loyal. To a fault.


Yesterday was my baby brother’s birthday. Mike is hilarious and so caring and so smart. What an awesome guy. It makes me feel ancient that he is 22. I remember being 22 and moving to Vancouver and thinking I was a real grown up. Now I look at 22 year olds and think, “They are such babies have so much to learn!” I am sure I will have this same kind of reflection when he is 27 and I’m 32. THIRTY TWO!!! Let’s not think about that, yet. Happy Birthday, Bud.


I’m sure you have all seen this already, because the Jolie leg bombing thing is all over the internet. But how hilarious is Dowager Countess Jolie-Grantham? Also, Darth Jolie. Leg-endary.



My bridesmaid’s dress arrived late last week so Ariana and I made a quick trip down to Bellingham to pick it up. I tried it on and the fit is amazing! I am so excited to have something to wear that I feel pretty in. Now I just need to get shoes. This is my favourite part. I love shoes! Thus far these sparkly peep toe ones are my favorite:

(Out of Stock, natch)


Since we were in the States already, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to load up on cheap groceries. I stocked up on Nutter Butters. And Apple Cinnamon Life cereal. Americans really have the best snack food. It’s a good thing I don’t live there. Between Nutter Butters and Pay Days I’d probably be about 800 pounds. Absolutely everything is cheaper there too. Cheese! Wine! Breakfast Cereal! Laundry Detergent! Not health insurance.


It’s been a good long while since I’ve done a Wednesday Words post. Sorry about that. Let me leave you with something to chew on, then. I’ve been reading You Can Change and this really stuck with me this week. Worrying about what other people think of me and comparing/measuring myself against others is a huge struggle in my life. This was such a good reminder of the grace of the gospel. Hope it encourages you too!

“One of the problems with trying to prove ourselves to other people is that they set the standard. Their standards may be ungodly, but we adopt their behaviour to fit in. Or their standards may be godly, but we’re living in obedience to people rather than in obedience to God. Often what happens is that we settle for living like other people even when that falls short of living like Jesus. Or we measure ourselves against other people and decide we’re more righteous. We may point the finger at others’ faults so we can feel better about ourselves. Instead we should be comparing ourselves to Jesus, finding we fall a long way short of God’s standards and discovering that we desperately need a saviour…When you feel the desire to prove yourself, remember you’re right with God in Christ. You can’t do anything to make yourself more acceptable to God than you already are. You don’t need to worry whether people are impressed by you because you’re already justified or vindicated by God. And what makes you feel good is not what you’ve done, but what Christ has done for you.”
—Tim Chester

11 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. CatPaint changed my life!!!

    1. +10 friend points for the first comment
      +50 sarahmiller points for telling me about cat paint.

  2. a.) you are hilarious, witty, smart and have me giggling.
    b.) I hope that cat doesn’t sit there on sunday mornings and watch me host.

    1. a) I’m blushing. This is high praise because I think you’re one of the funniest people I know.
      b) laser kitty is always watching.

  3. I! Love! Those! Shoes!

    1. Except they are out of stock so I don’t want to get too attached. We all know how that turns out.

      1. Srsly. Learn from my mistakes.

  4. CatPaint ruined me. I am so excited to put cats in every picture now. My community group mocked me which just shows there lack of understanding of the awesomeness of laser cats. Speaking of which…


  5. Christa, in our community group’s defense, we are all 30 or older, which means we are excited if we figure out how to check our email on the iPhone without it “doing something weird.” The idea of adding cats to pictures represents the generational gap, I think.

    It was pretty funny when Christa was telling us with this expectant look, “I found the FUNNIEST app! It puts CATS into PICTURES!” and all of us were like, “Why would you want to do that?” with blank expressions… hilar.

    Sarah, yes, I share the Oilers malaise- seriously? can we just be 25th? for one year?!?!

    1. malaise! 10 dollar word.

  6. That’s a picture of me and the boys that’s full of memories. Note the red spots on Mikey’s forehead? Bug bites. Horrid mosquitoes that year. The bath was taking place on a picnic table at Red Streak campground in Kootenay Ntl Park.

    Love my glasses! At least, I did at the time. This was 1990.

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