Old friend why are you so shy? Ain’t like you to hold back or hide from the light.

Did you guys watch the Grammys? Let’s be serious: I mostly watch them just to see all the performances and clothes. Who cares who wins the awards? Not me. Overall I thought this year’s was just ok. There wasn’t really anyone who blew me away except for maybe Jennifer Hudson. Which…did she seriously just have one day to put that together? Simon Cowell, what were you thinking?

Adele is so great. Beyond loving her voice—which is still amazing even though it’s changed a little bit since all the surgery, etc.—I just love the way she is unabashedly herself. Same South London accent, same body, laughing at snot jokes. It’s the best. That being said, I don’t know if this was really album of the year? Like, ok I get that it’s the Grammys and they don’t nominate everyone because album sales and radio play all factor into it, etc. Her voice is amazing but I think that her song writing is just ok? Don’t throw things at me.

Sidebar: One time a friend described Rumor Has It being like a 1960s spy song where you’d expect someone to pop out from behind a tree and sing the “Rumor Has It!” back up part and then disappear again. He demonstrated this and now I cannot hear that song without thinking about it. And laughing. Ruined.

Anyway, her second dress was to die for. Sparkles and polka dots and sleeves and tea-length! Oh my! Sorry guys, I could not find a full length shot of it.

Love, love, loved the Civil Wars. Loved the joke about thanking all the other bands for opening them. Joy Williams’ Shoes! How could she dance around in those? There is no way. I’d break my ankle. I wish they had let them do a full song.

Chris Brown. I can’t even. I am all for forgiveness. There are so many things that I need forgiveness for in my life, on a daily basis. Sin and brokenness is sin and brokenness. But forgiveness doesn’t mean no consequences! It should not mean that you get to come back and be celebrated at the same event where you beat.up.your.girlfriend! only a few short years ago. And he got a STANDING OVATION!?!? It felt like him being up there made everything ok. Something about that just did not sit right with me.

Dave Grohl is the King of Rockstars. His acceptance speech/shot at autotuners/celebration of the craft of music was one of my most favourite moments of the night. Also how great was Justin Vernon and his Chad MacDonald beard? Loved how he talked about all the people who would never be nominated and how he makes music for the reward of making music. I could have done without the terrifying Nicky Minaj performance in favour of a Bon Iver song, just saying.

All in all, I’d say this year’s Grammys was a success. I was entertained, and that’s the point right? Oh ps, I was glad they ended the night with Sir Paul et al (and not Nicky and her crazysauce priest) but that was Too Many GUITAR SOLOS. Egads.

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  1. Bon Iver was invited but declined to perform, just FYI. (Because they wouldn’t let them just play their song; it had to be a collaboration or nothing. They/he chose nothing.)

    Also… I’m not sure what Simon Cowell had to do with the American Idol voters not voting for Jennifer Hudson, really. She’s better off without winning that show anyway.

    I am pretty sure they only televised like 4 awards. But like you say, no one cares anyway.

  2. I am trying not to hurl a tomato at you through my computer. (jk… kinda) I love Adele’s songwriting, but I guess that’s why the word “opinion” exists…

    I now love the Civil Wars, too – as in everything about them from the joke to her dress/shoes to their 60 second song…

    I was impressed by Hudson after being super worried for her… if she had messed that up, I can only imagine how she would’ve never lived it down.

    Nicki Minaj is one of the scariest people I know and that act seriously disturbed me. I, too, would have preferred a Bon Iver set (or an encore of someone else, like Coldplay or Adele) to that mess. That being said, I think Vernon is an a** and I like him less and less the more he opens his mouth. (Though I did like the kudos he gave to artists who will never be at the Grammys – too true.)

    I liked the Grammys this year, and I usually don’t enjoy them at all. Sure, it is less about the awards and more about the performances now-a-days, but it seemed to truly celebrate talent last night… if you cut out Chris Brown and Minaj. This IS supposed to be a music award, not a you-dance-great or who-can-be-the-creepiest award, right?

    That was quite a bit of venting, but I haven’t talked to anyone about them yet and I kind of spilled my thoughts all over your blog. Sorry. 🙂

  3. Spill your thoughts to your hearts content!

    I’m really curious though…what makes you think Justin Vernon is an ass? I’ve never heard anyone call him that before and in interviews he always seems humble and sincere. I think he made a good point in his speech about how there is a lot of really great music being made that will never be recognized by the Grammys.

    Glad more people are falling in love with the Civil Wars! I adore them.

  4. I agree with your review, Miller. All of it. I would also like to add a shout out for the A. Keys & B. Raitt duet for the Etta James tribute.

    Thank you.

  5. Great review Sarah! I confess I’m with you on the Adele comment. Ben just heard her for the first time at the grammys and i was trying to explain why I’m not as gungho about her singing. I think you nailed it. Beautiful voice, just okay lyrics.

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