take a picture (it’ll last longer)

February 6th – Dinner

Kidding! I think I actually had chicken soup for dinner this day. And like, toast or something. Who wants to see a picture of toast? Not you. This was a designated Bridesmaid Wedding Prep Task night. Britt, Ariana and I cleaned out about 60 jars/vases and drank a bottle of wine. And talked about boys, obvs.

February 7th – Button

This is my new favourite nail polish color, Cute as a Button by Essie. When Nat and I were having preliminary discussions about becoming roommates this summer I believe the first thing she said to me was, “You should totally move in! WE WOULD HAVE SO MUCH NAILPOLISH!

February 8th – Sun

Vancouver is a totally different place when the sun is shining. It’s like that scene in 500 Days of Summer where he dances his way into work and everyone is shaking his hand and there’s cartoon birds flying through the air. When it’s rainy you can just feel it in your bones and everyone walks around all sad and mopey like Eeyore. We had a few days of glorious sunshine to start off February and then as soon as I was supposed to take a sun picture, this happened. We can all blame #febphotoaday

5 Replies to “take a picture (it’ll last longer)”

  1. A bottle?!? We drank like a glass and a half total between us. I still have 2/3 of that bottle in my fridge. Because it was the worst wine I’ve ever bought. OK maybe second worst.

    1. Really!? I could have sworn it was more than that. I didn’t think it was that bad! I will drink more with my less discerning taste buds next time I’m over.

      1. Oh, don’t you worry, it’ll be gone before then.

  2. In defense of rain, if the sun is low and the clouds are high everything shimmers like it can’t when dry.

    Side note / props: Da font is crazy legible down hurr.
    Also rhyme scheme demands one more sentence occur.

    1. i certainly have talented friends
      pictures and poems,
      oh the fun never…stops.

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