On being thankful even though it’s not my holiday.

Every week at Community Group we go around the room and I make everyone say something that they are thankful for or something that God is doing in their life or something they’ve been learning over the past few weeks. It’s a totally cheesy exercise, but I like it and I’m the leader so everyone has to do what I say. Kidding.

The reason I like it is because it forces us to stop and take a moment to consider the ways that God has been moving in our lives each week. We have this tendency to get so busy, and fill our lives and attention up so much, that we miss out on the little ways that God has provided or intervened or revealed himself to us throughout the day.

So here I am all by myself on American Thanksgiving Thursday, spending my first blissful night at home all month. And I’m thankful for home pedicures and my fake fireplace and television and rest for the weary. I’m thankful for awesome friends who make me laugh until my stomach hurts when I’m tired. And who help me lead when I can’t do it alone. And who sit in the car and cry with me over the hard stuff. And I’m especially thankful for a God who is gracious with me gives me strength even when I say yes to too many things.

I am also thankful this episode of Friends was on tonight. Classic.