The Mondayest of Mondays

Did you guys ever read that book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day when you were a kid? From the moment Alexander wakes up, things just don’t go his way. He trips on a skateboard and drops his sweater in the sink, his teacher doesn’t like his picture of an invisible castle, he gets criticized for singing too loud. It goes on and on. I think about Alexander a lot on Mondays like today.

Here is my running tally of terrible horrible no good things so far this week:

  • I accidentally deleted Dexter off my PVR last night before watching it.
  • Someone got killed off on Boardwalk Empire and I cried enough that I’m debating if I want to keep watching the show because it was so upsetting.
  • I forgot both of my umbrellas at work on Friday and very nearly drowned walking to the bus in the rains of the apocalypse this morning
  • When I was trying to get off the bus, I twisted my ankle walking down the slippery back steps. I totally bailed and accidentally grabbed onto the crotch of the attractive dude holding the back doors open on my way down. I then yelled, “AAAGH!!! I’M SO SORRY!!!” In his face, tripped my way out the bus doors and promptly started to choke back tears of embarassment/pain on the sidewalk in the rain like some terrible movie. Hopefully I will never see that guy again.
  • My eyes are puffy from the aforementioned crying over the death of a television character and loss of dignity on the bus. I look terrible.
  • In addition to being slippery on the bottom, my boots are not very waterproof.
  • My Starbucks coffee this morning was gross.

On days like this it is comforting to know that my identity and self-worth is not dependent on non-puffy eyes, or my ability to remember to bring my umbrella home, or being able to walk from one end of a bus to the other without falling. It’s hard to believe that God loves and delights in me at my absolute messiest. When I can barely get through a sentence without crying or a conversation with my leadership coach without dropping an f bomb for emphasis (Ok two F bombs. Sorry LC). He is sovereign over today even though it sucks. He is the same yesterday, today, forever and on every terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And hopefully tomorrow will be better.

4 Replies to “The Mondayest of Mondays”

  1. I have totally had days like this.. and I remember hating that book in elementary school. I found it so depressing. 🙁
    Anyway, I read this great blog today which I found really encouraging: Maybe you’ll like it too 🙂

    1. I liked it!

    2. Oh I looooove that Em! So funny that he wrote that today.

      I sometimes have a hard time remembering in the moment that right now is not forever.

  2. You can f bomb around me whenever necessary.

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