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My throat hurts today and I’m totally miserable because of it. Having a sore throat is the absolute worst kind of sick because you can’t sing or enjoy coffee. Also, people can’t tell that you have one so you get zero sympathy. ”You don’t sound that bad!” Oh really? Because I feel like I just swallowed razor blades. Sore throats seem to be the only kind of sickness I get. For once couldn’t I just get the sniffles or a cough? What about a really high fever?

Sore Throat

On the plus side I finally found Throat Coat tea on sale at Whole Foods yesterday. I have been looking for it since my last box ran out over a month ago. You guys, this stuff is absolute magic. If you can find it, get some. Especially if you are a singer. I promise you’ll thank me later.

My brothers and I have this ongoing group message on our phones. I love being able to check in with them every day. We don’t talk about deep things via texting, obviously, but there are a lot of jokes shared back and forth and it makes me feel like I’m still a part of their everyday lives even though I live one million miles away. Today they made impromptu plans to get together for burritos at lunch and I felt so left out and homesick. I love burritos. And my brothers! I know some of you live far away from your families too, how do you cope?


Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver. I love my life here. God has blessed me with so many amazing friends. But sometimes I wish I could meet up with my brothers for a burrito.

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  1. Joely Fisher says:

    Put cayenne pepper on your food or gargle it with water. I had a terrible sore throat and I ate some ribs with a lot of cayenne pepper and it worked like you wouldn’t believe. It was instant relief.
    Get well soon!


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