The Bowled and the Beautiful

What a beautiful weekend. What did you guys do? Did you dress up and go cosmic five pin glow-bowling with 50 of your closest friends? I did. BOLO!

Our Community Group joined forces with two other groups for an epic night of bowling on Friday. Each CG had a team theme. Ours was The Bowled and the Beautiful, and we all dressed up in our fanciest clothes. Full props to my brother Kev for the idea, I texted him a few days before: “HELP. Need a bowling team theme/costume idea that is super easy and requires no value village trips” and he responded with that in about five minutes. The man is a pun-genius.


Confession: I wasn’t excited about the idea of going bowling at first. I’m not a joiner, you guys. I hate dressing up in costumes and theme parties are pretty much the worst thing I can think of. But you know what? I actually had a super good time. And I think everyone else did too. The other teams wore 1990s exercise outfits (obvs) and togas (I don’t know). It was really fun to hang out with our crew outside of normal Tuesday discussion time, and everyone looked sharp! Well…almost everyone…





And ok guess what. I’m way better at bowling than I thought. I got more than one strike and bowled over 100 on one game. Total success. I think the real success of the night was that no one from the toga group accidentally flashed anyone.

We went to White Spot for our after party because we are classy like that and also it was the only place that could easily accommodate a group of 40 people on a moment’s notice.


You guys, I just love our CG so much. So much that I even enjoyed bowling with them.