Greater Still

Two for the price of one this Monday. First off, in case you haven’t seen it yet (or you want to watch it again)—here is the video that the Transposition Films guys shot of Jeremey.


Last week was a particularly hard week, emotionally and spiritually. I was on worship and got to Sunday morning feeling totally wrecked and broken. I spent a lot of the morning fighting tears backstage and being embarrassed about not being able to stop crying in front of a room full of dudes. All this to say that there are times when worship is a choice, and praise is a sacrifice. It’s easy to sing that Our God is Greater in times when everything is amazing and your heart is exploding with love for him, it’s another thing to sing There is hope in Your Name, when you can’t see it anywhere around you. I guess I tell you this because I want you to know that I don’t stand on stage Sunday morning absolutely perfect with all my shit together. But I hope and pray that God can use me in my brokenness. I always want to humbly offer up myself to him even when (especially when) I feel like I have nothing to give. And trust me, there is nothing more humbling than being the only girl in the room bawling your eyes out in front of a group of guys.

Anyway! The words of this song have been going around and around in my head this morning and are really speaking to where my heart is at. I find that God often speaks to me through music. Song lyrics have a tendency to pop into my head or mysteriously show up in my iPod playlist when I need to hear truth. I think he knows that he wired me to be musical and when he speaks to me in song my ears perk up and I listen. Also Darlene Z is totally my jam and I admire her to pieces.

Give me eyes to see more of who you are//
Let what I behold still my anxious heart


Give me grace to see beyond this moment here
And believe that there is nothing left to fear
That you alone are high above it all
You my God are greater still

ps…I guess this is my unofficial new blog launch. You like?

6 Replies to “Greater Still”

  1. Love YOU, love your website, and LOVE the way you worship and lead others to worship along with you.

  2. Also love the way my name shows up in pretty scripty font. Fun.

    1. I like that part too.

  3. Love this. I like how honest you are here. Worship is such an incredible experience to lead and yet is draining – especially draining on the days/weeks/minutes/months/etc. when we’re worn out.
    This made me think about the post I did last week about worship. I think God might speak to us similarly through music.

  4. My comment worked! PTL!

    1. Hooray!! Must have been something weird with the old theme.

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