A few days in Kigoma

Habari! I am (very) slowly picking up some Swahili. The word for OK is “Sawa” which sounds a whole lot like “Sarah” when you say it fast. People say it a million times a day and I’m getting whiplash from thinking I’m being called all the time. For the past few days we have been […]

The Earth is Yours

The team just got back from a once in a lifetime road trip to Katavi National Park, where we went on a safari with some of the Hope of the Nations staff and kids club leaders. It was a get-to-know-you/team building trip. It was so special to get to share the experience with some of […]

hot shots

Things that are hard to do when you’ve had shots in both arms: Reach for a glass from the top shelf. Ok fine this is hard for me all the time. Give someone a hug. Put your hair in a top knot. Sleep. Unless you are not a side sleeper, then it’s easy. Sit on […]

Forty Six Sleeps

Uh, you guys did we skip spring and go straight to summer? I think I got a sunburn on my lunch break today. Also I need to remember to wear contacts tomorrow because reading outside in the sunshine with no sunglasses fried my eyeballs. Nothing beats Vancouver in the summer. This is why we all […]