Camp Vibes

When I was a kid, we used to camp at Radium Hot Springs every summer. Most years we coordinated with our extended family and booked campsites all together so there were approximately one hundred Weiss cousins running around in the forest every July. My Mom’s family has been going there every year since before she […]

Island Life

Last weekend I went to the Island with a few nearest and dearest to celebrate Tiff’s birthday, and we didn’t really do a whole lot but it was great.  We made food together, hot tubbed, played board games and watched a few episodes of Modern Family we had all seen before. We managed to have […]

people watching

People are interesting, aren’t they? And complex. And funny. And lovely. And hurt. And full of contradictions. Joy and sorrow, sickness and health. Light and Darkness. What a strange race, we humans. Loved and known but we don’t know it. Held together by hands that hung stars And on a tree. (photo cred: Life Magazine)

Back from the Dead

Last Saturday, I wrecked my phone. It was all my own fault. Bad decision after bad decision: ”I’ll go for a hike in the pouring rain!” then, ”Obviously I’ll want to take pictures at the top” (we didn’t even make it to the top, and it would have been all fog anyway). Followed by: ”the […]

Live to tell the story

Another book club update. I finished reading Lone Survivor a couple of weeks ago. I had no intention of doing any kind of book reviews when I started this Year-of-the-Written-Word thing, I just wanted to keep a tally of books I’ve read (up to date count: two books). But I’ve been thinking about this one […]

Book Club Update

A reading update, because if you can’t be accountable on the internet, where can you? I finished (finally) The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I did enjoy this book, despite the fact that it took me nearly 6 months to get through it. I liked the quirky story telling […]