It was in a dream

You guys this song is my jam right now. Things I like about this video: Her feather earrings They managed to fit a guitar, bass, ukulele, modified drum kit, keyboard and multiple camera men into one tiny apartment kitchen That guy in the striped cardigan looks uncomfortable. Too hot? Doesn’t like being on camera? Hates […]

Keep the earth below my feet

Today’s the day, kids. The new Mumford & Sons was released. Very considerate of them to put it out on a music monday, yeah? Stylistically it’s not much of a departure from Sigh No More. The arrangements/instrumentation are a little bit richer, but it feels very much like a continuation of their last album. And […]

The Words of the Revelator

I’ve been streaming this Bryan John Appleby album a lot at work the past week. It’s super mellow, which I find helps me concentrate when things are so busy like they have been lately. Apparently he played at Bumbershoot a few weeks ago and I missed it. Drat. There is so much good music being […]

Go on, scream it from the mountains

This week’s Music Monday comes from my friend and fellow worship-musician-girl, Tiffany who first told me about The Digital Age. Tiff is one of my favorite people because we share very similar giftings and both have the same heart for worship. It’s awesome to have a friend who is super passionate about the same things […]

I will wait for you

Look, I know it’s Tuesday. I wrote this really great Top Ten and then promptly deleted it by accident. And now I have to go to band practice so I don’t have time to recreate it. Will you forgive me and wait until tomorrow if I offer up some brand new Mumford and Sons? Here’s […]

Push and Shove

YOU GUYS. No Doubt is making music again! There is so much going on in this video. Dancing and millions of colors and bus driving. But I think what excites me the most is that this feels like classic No Doubt. Like Tragic Kingdom No Doubt. I see this Gwen and I want to sing […]